Making it cheaper and easier for you to stay in touch with your loved ones

The only provider to give back!

Welcome to Inmates Rates!

Inmates Rates provide low cost prison phone calls and are the longest running service provider in the UK dedicated in making cheaper calls for people who have loved ones in prison!

Our service uses technology that complies with prison regulations and is compatible with the prison PIN system.

✓ FREE Daily Credit Text Alerts and Top Up Notifications

✓ The only provider to give something back to their customers with our bonus scheme.

✓ Unlike other suppliers, we have no hidden charges. i.e No reconnection charges if you run out of credit or 25p low balance text charges

✓ Take the call from your loved one wherever you are in the world.

✓ Reduced emotional pressure through more contact.

✓ No Contract – No Hassle


I can’t praise Inmates Rates enough as it has helped us spend more time as a family keeping in contact allowing us to have longer conversations than before at an affordable rate.any questions are always answered promptly by a friendly and understanding team,it\’s easy to set up and we receive daily updates on our account, thank you Inmates Rates for your great service.

Mandy, Wiltshire

Inmates rates have been fantastic, the service from every member has been outstanding and they always reply very swiftly Using this has meant that I can talk to my loved one so much more, the rates are extremely reasonable and when my requirements changed they swapped my tariff over instantly with no admin fee. I would recommend them to every one!

Lauren, Dorset

Great service makes it a lot easier …………. Inmates Rates

Lynn, Essex

After 10 mths of having to wait in for my partners evening call, inmates rates have allowed me more freedom as i have added my mobile as a diverted number, which means we can talk whenever now!! He now never has to worry about having enough credit to ring us which has been a god send so thank you inmates rates!!

Lucy, Gloucestershire

I want to highly recommend inmaterates to anyone who has a loved one in prison. Due to prisoners having a limited amount of money allowed to spend per week, phone calls can be sorted and very limited. The prices are ridiculous to call mobiles. I LOVE inmate rates as I never have to worry my fiancée doesn’t have enough money to call me. The prices are very reasonable and they payment options are great (I love using PayPal). Phone calls are precious so sign up to inmaterates and pay for as much time as you like, so your loved one can spend their money on some treats in there.

Alice, Swindon

This was one of the best things I have done for me and her as she is serving a long time in prison and was finding it very hard in there and to be able to call when she wanted to has helped her get through her sentence so much. I’ve recommended this company to so many people when I have gone to see her so everyone else can enjoy the same service I am. It was all very easy to set up and the team at inmates rates were so helpful and very polite.

Can’t thank you guys enough for this service

Sophie, Slough

It’s brilliant, I get to talk to my partner every day more than once for more than a couple of minutes without worrying his credits going to run out.

Mazena, Bristol

Inmate rates are a God send I can talk to my fella at my control. He has extra money on his canteen now for necessities and I can still speak to him. Love love love this service and that you get bonus reward points too to convert to credit.

Roxanne, Salford

Im glad we find this page,when my partner went to prison we just talk one time a day about two minutes,with inmates rate we talk every time he can,saving my money
really happy with inmates rate!!!!!!


Inmates rates has been a massive help in keeping my husband and I in contact. The website is easy to use and the flexibility of being able to top up credit and soon as it runs outs has reduced a level worry for us both. The rates are also very reasonable. I would highly recommend inmates rates!

Corine, London

I think you service is really good and it’s a lot better for my husband and I would recommend your services to others

Jodie, South Yorkshire

Inmates rates has been a real life saver for me and my partner as I\’ve been able to have contact a lot more frequently that I did before I signed up as the credit goes a lot further. It was simple and extremely quick to set up and I would recommend to any one – thank you inmates rates!!

Ruth, Hereford

Signing up to inmates rates is one of the best things I\’ve done. It\’s made the process of having a loved one in prison so much easier as I can always speak to my partner. It helps my children emotionally being able to speak to their dad everyday. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has a loved one in prison. I\’ve saved so much money as the rates are so cheap. I\’m so happy that I no longer have to worry about not speaking to my partner for a few days. It\’s also good how you get loyalty points and money given back to you for your custom. Thankyou inmates rates.

Jemma, Poole

Inmates Rates have been without a doubt a key factor in helping my husband and I get through this really traumatic time. It has allowed us to keep in regular contact, maintain relationships and helped the children to do the same. We have been able to speak when I have not been at home, giving me more flexibility. The service I have received from Inmates Rates has been second to none. I have always received either a phone call or email sort back almost immediately to answer any queries, most of the time sooner than anyone could have expected. I have always felt like my predicament has been understood and therefor has put me at ease. I can not thank this professional company enough and would highly recommend to anyone.

Gem, Bristol

Brilliant service. Saves us so much money and helps my daughter get through being able to speak to us whenever she gets use of a phone.

Lynn, Chelmsford

Inmates rates is a excellent service. It\’s made it affordable for me and my partner to stay in contact. I always get a quick response on questions I ask. I didn\’t have a land line and thinking in getting one temporarily but inmates rates help me save all that hassle by transferring my number. Thank you so much best service ever!!

Robina, Bradford

I think this has to be one of the best landline services i have used that isnt a waste of money. The rates are really good and topping up is no hassle at all. I would totally recommend this service amazing way to stay in contact with your loved ones with missing their phone calls because you cant wait at home all day. Thumbs up!!

Laraisha, london

Number all working!!! Just wanna say thanks for a great services and helping me out so quick!!!

Stephanie, Liverpool

I just want to say a huge thankyou, phone calls were costing my husband a fortune. Now I can talk to him everyday without him having to worry about phone credit. And I get money back in bonus points which come in handy at the end of the month. Thanks once again x C

Christine, Coventry

Inmates rates has been amazing. It’s taken a huge strain off our relationship as we are able to talk to each other everyday, and not worry how many seconds are left before he runs out of credit. It’s a piece of mind that if he ever needed to ring, he could just pick up the phone rather them worrying about rationing his credit.

Liah, Worcester

It’s a must to sign up cheap rates & convenient for any one who has partner who’s away.

Rebakah, Liverpool

This website is a great idea, it gives prisoners to talk to there loved ones for as long as possible without them having to worry about finances, especially as they are very limited to money and how much they are entitled to spend weekly! I would recommend this website to anybody I know in the same situation as myself.

Vikki, Gloucester

Think it’s a fantastic idea saves inmates wasting their canteen on calls. Defo recommend

Caroline, Coventry

Honestly the best service ever and the only one thats value for money I definitely recommend it!

Stacey, Birmingham

IMR has made such a difference to our family. No more rushed phone calls or the feel of guilt at missing a call if I am stuck late at work with my partner calling my mobile at no cost to himself. Also kept alive the relationship with our young daughters calling for unlimited time to tell them bed time stories. It’s made a huge difference and improved the the quality of our relationship drastically during difficult times.

Mary, Swindon

At first thought this would take along time to set up. I was wrong, filled form out received my number in hours. Started using number is a day.

Very quick, very simple process.

It’s a must sign up if you have somebody in prison.

Trevor, Widnes

I can’t believe that I save nearly £40 a month on phone calls to my husband in the UK and I live in USA, but I do!!

I have been using this service for a few months now and very happy with what they provide.

Great monthly savings.

Becky, Nevada

To be honest I was very sceptical about this when I first saw it. I made contact with them and they made me feel at ease. I am now saving over £30 a month on phone calls.

This is a must service if you have a loved one in prison!!

Brilliant work Inmates rates!!!

Sue, Reading

I am very pleased with the service. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I received my number in no time.


Bill, Manchester

Thanks Guys!! Finding Inmates Rates a great service. Can’t believe how much money we are saving.

Mike, Birmingham